Email Marketing - Best Practices

Make sure your marketing emails are readable

Email Marketing Fact: Your carefully crafted multimedia content or images are not going to be readable by most people. According to SurveySampling (2007), about 65% of decision makers are viewing your marketing email on their text-only mobile devices.

If you have to include images in your email content, make sure your email text content makes sense for readers, even if the images are not displayed. Never ever insert email images that are supposed to be downloaded from the web, as they are automatically blocked by most email client software programs. Do not nest scripts in your HTML message.

Marketing emails must have a familiar preview:

Email Marketing Fact: Most people decide if an email is interesting by previewing it, without opening it. They take this decission based on the sender's email address and email subject line. About 69% make the decision to click on the "report spam" or "junk" button using the subject line, according to the ESPC. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007).

To increase the success rate of your marketing emails, make sure your sender name is visible, trustworthy and easily recognized. Do not send marketing emails from robot-looking email addresses.

Send your marketing emails from an email address that triggers the feeling "I know who sent this email". Knowing and trusting the sender is the primary reason for opening an email.