Education –

Education sector in India has pleasantly made tremendous progress in creating awareness and expanding the literacy to nearly two thirds of the population. Improved educational system can be given the credit for the country’s improved economical scenario. It has always been an integral part of the very base of the Indian society.

Present scenario:

It seems to a major boom time for the education industry in India as the concept of commerce through education is catching up soon with the Indian market. With modernization, education too has taken a giant leap which has gradually captured global attention because of the evolution of the education system. The education market is bound to accelerate rapidly and is now driving a prolific education market.

Future scenario:

It there are many players ready to invest in education as well as training institutions with the aim of rapidly scaling up this sector. Higher education is at an emerging stage and will have potential growth in years to come. Education plays an essential role in the development of our younger generation to lead a successful life in this world of global competition.

What we do:

At Websol Software, our Educational ERP is the most comprehensive administration automation suite for all kinds of educational institutions such as schools, college, institution or university. With number of features, our Educational ERP system is currently in use by many institutions including universities, international schools, day and residential schools and colleges. Providing massive user base and diverse requirements, Websol Software offers education software that features and support for different operational models.