Terms & Conditions for Contributors

Object Retrieval is a project created by artist Joshua Sofaer and curator Simon Gould at University College London (UCL), funded by the Wellcome Trust and UCL. For these terms & conditions for contributors, Object Retrieval refers specifically to the project’s online database and content management system and any directly associated print publications.

By contributing to Object Retrieval, you will retain copyright in your Contribution and offer it to Object Retrieval on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that you may freely re-use your Contribution elsewhere. You will simply be giving Object Retrieval the permission to use your Contribution in print and online for the project. This document is designed to protect your Contribution by clearly establishing who owns the copyright at the outset and sets the parameters for how your Contribution can be used by readers.


Contribution means the Contributor’s past, present and future contributions, be they copyright works, submitted to Object Retrieval for possible publication.

Copyright means the entire right, title and interest in the copyright, design right, database right, reproduction and distribution right in the Contribution throughout the world for the full term of copyright, design right, database right and all renewals or extensions of such rights.